David Miliband has invented a new word: cleverball

Matthew Champion@matthewchampion
Wednesday 23 September 2015 12:30

We have a lot to thank David Miliband for.

Before the former foreign secretary left UK politics to work for the International Rescue Committee in New York, he was involved in some of history's greatest political photos.

And now, added to the list, the invention of an entirely new word: cleverball.



He explained:

Cleverball means attacking the roots of the problem and genuinely trying to make life bearable in the neighbouring states of a country like Syria that is consumed by a civil war.

It goes without saying that people were impressed.

If anyone knows the actual rules to Cleverball please get in touch.

Or, if you would like to listen to the full interview, and you like in the UK, you can do so here.

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