David Mitchell just made a very sensible point about Donald Trump's politics

Ellen Stewart
Sunday 13 December 2015 16:30

David Mitchell has made a very sensible, grown-up but rather worrying point about could-be president of the United States Donald Trump.

Writing for the Guardian, Mitchell likened the GOP candidate to a man relieving himself in the corner of a room at an otherwise polite dinner party.

"The dignified response it to avert your gaze," he writes. "But it takes so much self-restraint. Our inner child wants to stare and cry out: 'What's that man doing? He’s so weird! Eeeeuuuurrrggghhh! I can’t stop looking at him!"

While many would argue that the best course of action is to disregard Trump and his borderline hate speech, views on Mexico and his declaration that all Muslims should be banned from entering the US, in the hope he may vanish in a puff of smoke, Mitchell notes that a man as vocal as Trump is hard to ignore.

Instead he suggests we keep laughing, keep sharing gifs of him being attacked by an eagle named Uncle Sam, keep pointing and laughing...

... because:

The most dangerous thing we can do now is stop finding him funny.

Here's that gif again for ref.

Read Mitchell's column here.

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