Don't ever accuse Robert Webb of being a champagne socialist

Evan Bartlett@ev_bartlett
Friday 14 August 2015 10:50
(Picture: YouTube/Peep Show

Warning: This article contains some swearing

With the Labour leadership race reaching "fever pitch", comedian and writer Robert Webb weighed in with who he thought should lead the party he's supported all his life.

Like anything to with politics on Twitter, the Peep Show star and New Statesman columnist was immediately met with abuse and outrage over his opinion.

After explaining that he would be voting for Yvette Cooper as leader of the party and that he thought Jeremy Corbyn was unelectable, Webb spoke of the need to win back people who had voted for the Conservatives in the general election.

One man on Twitter decided that he'd had enough of Webb's very reasoned argument and so decided to abuse him with this childish and wilfully misinformed insult:

Webb's response, we think it's fair to say, put Thomas Paine Esq. well and truly in his place:

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