The world’s cartoonists are showing Donald Trump as a defeated candidate

Michael Canva
Tuesday 25 October 2016 10:45
Picture:(Arcadio Esquivel/

In cartoons around the world, the tone has changed.

For months, many overseas satirists have rendered Donald Trump as a thundering threat — a heat-stoking showman of anti-immigration sentiment and fear-based hate of so many things foreign.

In recent days, however, editorial artists are painting a new Trump — a candidate who is defanged and neutered. The winds may still blow hot, but he is depicted as if Hurricane Trump has been averted.

Here is how some international commentators are now drawing Trump:

Schot (The Netherlands):

Picture: Schot/De Volkskrant/ Volkskrant/

Arcadio Esquivel (Costa Rica):

Picture: Arcadio Esquivel/ Esquivel/

Peter Broelman (Australia):

Picture: Peter Broelman/ Broelman/

Petar Pismestrovic (Austria):

Picture: Petar Pismestrovic/Kleine Zeitung/ Pismestrovic/Kleine Zeitung/

Sabir Nazar (Pakistan):

Picture: Sabir Nazar/ Nazar/

Tom Janssen (The Netherlands):

Picture: Tom Janssen/ Janssen/

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