People have noticed something very strange about Donald Trump's suit

Louis Dor
Thursday 14 September 2017 08:45
Picture:(Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)

United States President Donald Trump met with Republican South Carolina Senator Tim Scott on Wednesday for a 40-minute meeting.

Scott is the first African-American elected to the Senate from the South since the Reconstruction.

He sat down with Trump weeks after Trump faced bipartisan criticism for his response to the violence seen at the 'Unite the Right' rallies in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Scott said after Wednesday's meeting, having been one of the President's many critics for his handling of the affair:

My response was, while that's true, if you look at it from a sterile perspective there was an antagonist on the other side. However, the real picture has nothing to do with who is on the other side. It has to do with the affirmation of hate groups who over three centuries of this country have made it their mission to create upheaval for minority communities.

The White House said in a statement that the conversation featured the:

administration's relationship with the African-American community, the bipartisan issue of improving race relations, and creating a more unified country.

They originally captioned the photo incorrectly:

But another thing is drawing people's eyes:

People are reacting to it as if it looks like this:

Scott's socks are the real highlight though, let's be honest.

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