Donald Trump tells kids he's Batman, creates #BatTrump meme

Louis Dor
Monday 17 August 2015 13:00
(Photo: Win McNamee/Getty Images

Donald Trump has made more than one outlandish statement during his campaign to fight the 2016 election for the Republican party. But his latest claim that he is actually Batman may just be his most eccentric to date.

After a speech on 16 August at the Iowa State Fair, the billionaire invited a crowd of children for a helicopter ride. CNN reports that a mother and her four boys were invited, although the youngest became scared before takeoff and remained at the fair with his father.

The oldest of the boys left on board, William (age 9), was wearing a GoPro camera which recorded the bizzare exchange between himself and Trump.

He asked the Republican nominee:

Mr Trump, are you Batman?

To which Trump replied:

I am Batman.

The video was subsequently uploaded to Facebook and has sparked the #BatTrump meme on Twitter.

There was the initial unveiling of #BatTrump:

Musings on how his business mind would function in the DC world:

The inevitable comparisons with other DC comic hero, Superman:

Even Captain America wasn't safe:

And finally, the chilling notion he could be something far more sinister:

Long live #BatTrump.

(H/T Rawstory)

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