Donald Trump wants to be called 'Mr Brexit' now he knows what it means

Aimee Meade
Thursday 18 August 2016 17:20

In his latest Twitter outburst, Donald Trump says we will soon be calling him "Mr Brexit". Everyone got a bit confused.

It wasn't that long ago when he didn't know what the term "Brexit" actually meant. In an interview with Michael Woolf for The Hollywood Reporter Trump was asked his position on Brexit. He answered with, "Huh" and "Hmmm", it wasn't until after Woolf explained what it meant that Trump clarified that he thought the UK should leave the EU.

It looks like the Republican nominee has now done his homework and is expecting to, as the Leave vote did, surprise the pollsters. His rival, Democrat Hillary Clinton, is currently ahead in the polls. Clinton has the largest lead in Virginia with 50 per cent compared to Trump's 28 per cent. She is also leading in Colorado (49 per cent v 39 per cent) and in Iowa (47 per cent to 44 per cent).

This is isn't the only inspiration Trump has taken from the UK's EU referendum. His campaign recently hired the marketing firm Cambridge Analytica which was also used by the Brexit campaign.

We wish you the worst of luck, Trump.

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