Far-right British nationalist Nick Griffin says he now wants to emigrate to, er, Eastern Europe

Josh Barrie@JoshBythesea
Saturday 09 January 2016 10:50

The former leader of the British National Party says that he wants to emigrate to Eastern Europe...

Speaking to LBC on Friday, Nick Griffin told host Iain Dale that western democracy is coming to an end and war will force people to move to "Hungary, Poland, or Russia."

Griffin was speaking on the same day a missed £25 fee led to the Electoral Commission to remove the far-right party from its register.

In the conversation, Dale asked Griffin whether he was seriously considering moving abroad, noting that in the past Griffin has appeared very against the idea of people moving between countries.

Griffin, who currently resides in Wales, notes that he feels there'll be no other option but to head east, as the west will fall and people from the UK, as refugees, will flee.

That's where Christian civilisation can survive.

The liberal intelligentsia has destroyed the West.

Griffin also claimed that he was never against people coming to the UK "who are Christian, who are European".

Here's Griffin talking on LBC:

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