This woman was brutally mocked for her comparison pictures - but she had the perfect response

Greg Evans
Tuesday 05 December 2017 10:45
Picture:(Instagram/ Victoria Katei)

A student in America has hit back at critics who abused her for looking different while wearing make-up.

Victoria Katei, 19, is an undergraduate in Texas currently majoring in psychology and biology.

Her talents also extend to makeup artistry and she is very, very good at it.

She regularly uploads new selfies of her work onto Instagram, and even if you aren't interested in makeup you'll have to agree that they are impressive pictures.

Around a week ago she uploaded two selfies to Instagram.

One was of her wearing her usual makeup arrangement, while the other showed her wearing no makeup at all.

The purpose of the post was to demonstrate that no matter the amount of makeup she wears she still feels beautiful and confident.

Her post was greeted with an overwhelming amount of support and appreciation from other users, who thanked her for her inspiring message.

The image has earned over 26,000 likes at the time of writing.

Unfortunately, as with most nice thing on the internet, there are always a few who want to spoil it and say cruel things.

Victoria was accused of misleading people with her makeup, with one fellow Instagram user claiming it was "scary".

Picture: Instagram/ Satlygxd(Instagram/ Satlygxd)

This negativity then, unfortunately, moved to Twitter.

Picture: Twitter/Screengrab(Twitter/Screengrab)

Noticing this, Victoria responded with the best possible message.

Picture: Twitter/Screengrab(Twitter/Screengrab)

Speaking to BuzzFeed she said that it was the lighting in her pictures that often altered her appearance so dramatically.

The difference in lighting is what makes the difference look so drastic.

One picture was midday in the natural light and the other was at night with the harsh yellow light of a lamp.

If they would just take the time to look at my other pictures they would obviously see that.

That doesn't alter the fact that the abuse she received was unacceptable, but she did find some solace in the messages of support.

I have received a plethora of DMs on my Twitter from women who have also gone through the same thing, and it’s so sad to see how hateful and how derogatory other women can be.

We should be sticking together instead of bringing each other down.

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