This girl secretly downloaded and read the Washington Post for two years. What happened next was heartwarming

Louis Staples
Thursday 12 April 2018 12:00
Copyright:(Washington Post / Twitter)

Growing up, most children want to be fire fighters, actors, singers, dancers or police officers. But an 11 year-old girl has bucked the trend in the most inspiring way.

In January, New York Times journalist Liam Stack tweeted that his cousin’s daughter had confessed to secretly downloading the Washington Post app.

After becoming an avid reader for the last two years, Stack’s relative is determined to study journalism and hopes to work for the paper one day.

Twitter users marvelled at the girl's ambitions for the future. After Stack's tweets went viral, the Washington Post responded.

Three months later, while on her Spring break, the girl achieved her dream of spending the day working at the paper.

No *you've* got something in your eye.

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