Here's what Rupert Murdoch has to say about Jeremy Corbyn

Evan Bartlett@ev_bartlett
Sunday 13 September 2015 11:40

Rupert Murdoch, arguably the most powerful man in world media, has given his verdict on Labour's new left-wing leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Perhaps unsurprisingly for a man who's UK-based newspaper the Sun has recently run headlines like "Wham-bam thank you Cam" and "Ooh! You're so sunny super budget", and who was seen as a key ally to Tony Blair's New Labour, the Australian-born mogul was less than complimentary about Corbyn.

Corbyn's relationship with the mainstream press has been fraught since his election as an MP in 1983, a pattern that was continued on Saturday, where Corbyn warned journalists to "leave my family alone" after his victory.

The new Labour leader also told the Financial Times (£) in August that he thought there was far too much "concentration in the hands of too few" in the media and claimed it would be something "I would look at" should he be elected.

Diversity in media is something that is intrinsic to a democratic society. We do not want the whole media owned by one person.

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As the Guardian's media columist Roy Greenslade points out: "This was interpreted, possibly correctly, as an intention to tackle Rupert Murdoch’s concentration of media ownership."

Interesting times ahead.

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