Hillary Clinton came to Britain, so we humiliated her

Dina Rickman@dinarickman
Tuesday 08 July 2014 13:00

Here's how The One Show made Hillary Clinton make this face.

First, they showed the former US secretary of state old clips of her dancing and asked "is that the most awkward thing you've done to keep diplomatic relations going?"

Clinton: "Actually, that was fun."

Then they moved onto a game, Hard Choices, which, hilariously, is the name of the book she was in London to promote.

Would she rather take style advice from Dolly Parton or Angela Merkel?

Clinton: "For daytime, Angela. For night time, Dolly."

It got worse: then it was dinner with David or Ed Miliband.

Clinton: "I know David much better and I've had many meals with him and I can tell you he doesn't just eat a banana. But I look forward to eating a meal with Ed in the future."

It got even worse...

They asked her to choose whether Barack Obama or Bill Clinton was the better president. Hence:

She handled it like a pro, explaining: "I'm really proud that I'm married to one and I served with the other."

Doesn't it makes you proud to be British?