People can't believe how old this Italian actress is

Greg Evans
Friday 04 August 2017 13:30

Thanks to her healthy diet and fitness routine this Italian actress looks more like a 20-year-old.

Pamela Prati has worked as an actress since the 1980s and is now a presenter for Canale 5 on Italian television.

Her sometimes risque Instagram account now has thousands of followers with her posts frequently gaining an overwhelming number of likes and compliments.

Take a look at some of her photos and try to guess how old she is.

Not sure? You'll probably want to sit down when we tell you she is actually 58-years-old. The wonders of a healthy diet, exercise and Italian sunshine.

Prati, who is also a singer, was born in Sardinia to a Spanish father and Italian mother.

You could be forgiven in thinking that she has found the source of the fountain of youth but she is much more humble in her assessment.

According to the Daily Mail, Prati owes her youthfulness to a diet of healthy food, a positive lifestyle and lots of exercise.

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