Jamie Oliver may have finally found a world cuisine he doesn't like

Evan Bartlett@ev_bartlett
Thursday 07 August 2014 12:10

Warning: The below video contains strong language.

During the course of his ceaseless march to world domination, Jamie Oliver has taken to South America to bring his cheeky chappy persona, chain of restaurants and food education to the people of Brazil.

But one television interview last month may have jeopardised this charm offensive.

Appearing on local TV show Saia Justa, the Essex chef was presented with what seemed like an endless array of Brazilian delicacies.

He liked acai berry smoothie and sugar cane juice, but quindim (a type of custard), brigadeiro and beijinho (sweet, condensed milk treats) he described as: "A load of old s### - f###### horrible."


The outburst provoked something of a backlash in Brazil according to the Guardian, with newspaper columns, threats to boycott his new restaurant in Sao Paulo and angry social media messages.

"Well, kidney pie is s**t anyway," exclaimed one Facebook user.

Barbara Gancia, the host who was interviewing Oliver, explained on her Facebook page that the show had been heavily edited, was filmed at 8.30am, and that she'd practically been force-feeding him sugar for an hour or two.

So perhaps the celebrity chef's proclamation was more tongue-in-cheek than foot-in-mouth.

You can watch the whole interview here