Labour supporter angry at Labour MP for having breasts - and daring to go on TV

A Labour MP received a letter from a supposed supporter criticising her for her "prominent cleavage".

Shadow City minister Alison McGovern said she was sent the letter following an appearance on Channel 4 News in June discussing George Osborne's plans for future governments to have to run a surplus while the economy was performing well.

In the letter, JG Hunter, who doesn't signal their gender but identifies as a Labour supporter, wrote:

I couldn't help wondering why you felt it necessary to demonstrate your cleavage so obviously on TV. I can only imagine it was deliberate in order to attract attention to yourself as the Labour spokesperson?

As a Labour member might I say that your prominent cleavage distracted your male observers from hearing what you were saying. Indeed as an experienced women [sic] politician, I found this strategy - hardly accidental - for someone of your age and experience difficult to comprehend. This is not a complaint however, merely an observation, I'm sure your PR people will have advised you on your attire.

McGovern, who said she didn't know whether to "laugh or cry", said she shared the letter in light of a controversial Spectator article that questioned whether Liz Kendall or Yvette Cooper had the looks to be Labour leader.

Former Labour councillor and PPC Jessica Asato also shared this:

You can watch the original Channel 4 piece below.

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