Lindsay Lohan livetweeted the EU referendum and no one knows why

Dina Rickman@dinarickman
Friday 24 June 2016 04:30

On Wednesdays, Lindsay Lohan wears pink. In the early hours of Friday mornings, she livetweets British politics.

Ms Lohan began covering the results on social media after posting a video on her Instagram account which appears to show she was watching the BBC's live coverage shortly after midnight on Friday.


Where's Sunderland? Does Sarah Palin live there? Lol

And as the results appeared to suggest a stronger showing for Leave than the polls predicted, Ms Lohan's Twitter account made an appeal for consumers to listen:

And engaged with many newsmakers:

No one was quite sure what was going on, but Lohan appeared to confirm she had not been hacked:

Two hours in, and Lohan has added some pertinent warnings about the pound.

Indy100 has contacted a representative of Ms Lohan to find out what sparked her interest in the issue.

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