Louise Mensch seems to have confused Fabric's closure with Brexit and it's amazing

Wednesday 07 September 2016 13:50
Louise Mensch

Despite a huge campaign, one of Britain's biggest and arguably best-known nightclub Fabric has had its licence withdrawn following a review by a local council in London.

Islington Council said the club had failed to stop people buying and taking drugs, something which the founders of Fabric disputed. Many campaigners also argued that it was not the club's responsibility to stop people taking drugs.

Since the announcement social media has been filled with people reminiscing about their experiences at the iconic nightspot and calling for an appeal against the ruling.

But as is the nature of Twitter, some people have also managed to find humour in the situation - in this case thanks to a few tweets by former Conservative MP Louise Mensch, who appears to have mistaken the debate for something to do with Brexit.

Vice journalist Clive Martin was tweeting about the closure, and suggested that ageism was a potential factor, writing: "The people making the calls are from a totally different demographic to those it affects".

Cue Mensch, who currently lives in the US, accusing Martin of ageism, and asking if he voted in the EU Referendum.

Yeah Clive, do you even vote though?

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