Man says he and his partner sleep on different sides of the bed each night. The internet reacts with horror

Louis Staples
Sunday 24 March 2019 16:30

Sleep is one of the joys of life. Which is kind of contradictory, really, but no one ever said humans are logical.

But a viral Tweet has started an important bed-related debate.

Is it normal to always sleep on one side of the bed?

Statistically, 75 per cent of people say that would not be able to sleep as well on the “opposite” side of the bed, preferring to sleep on the same side each night.

But twitter user @steveohrourke has bucked his trend.

Steve tweeted to ask whether it’s normal to not sleep on one side of the bed every night. He said he and his partner sleep on different sides depending on who gets in to bed first or how they’re feeling each day.

He did offer some details:

To put it mildly, some people were absolutely horrified.

Like, seriously disturbed.

But there were also people who agreed with Steve. A surprising number.

So, which side are you on?

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