This mother was banned from revealing her sexuality to her children for six years

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Tuesday 11 April 2017 14:15
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Rachelle Black filed for divorce in 2011 after coming out as gay to her husband of 20 years. Six years later, a court has granted her permission to talk about her sexuality with her three sons.

Her husband Charles, a conservative Christian, received primary custody of the couple’s sons at the divorce trial in 2013.

Rachel, on the other hand, was ordered to “refrain from having further conversations with the children regarding religion, homosexuality, or other alternative lifestyle concepts”.

That’s right, “alternative lifestyle concepts”.

Washington’s state court has just overturned the ban - and said Rachelle’s sexual orientation was considered as the primary reason for concluding Charles was better suited to have custody of their children. They also accused that the first trail of “improper bias”.

It was said in the initial divorce trial that Rachelle’s “lifestyle choice,” that she “considers herself to be a lesbian,” conflicted with the religious beliefs of their children, who attended a private Christian school.

She was ordered to refrain from:

Having further conversations with the children regarding religion, homosexuality, or other alternative lifestyle concepts and further, that she be prohibited from exposing the children to literature or electronic media; taking them to movies or events; providing them with symbolic clothing or jewelry; or otherwise engaging in conduct that could reasonably be interpreted as being related to those topics unless the discussion, conduct, or activity is specifically authorized and approved.

What could have prompted the court to ban Rachelle from such things?

The second trail stated:

Rachelle showed her oldest son a video documentary addressing different Christian attitudes toward same-sex relationships after he asked a question about the issue. On another occasion, the second oldest son asked if he could wear a rainbow bracelet Rachelle had with the words "love and pride."

Thankfully, the order has now been reversed, and Rachelle is free to talk to her own children about her life.

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