Mum thinks she finds drugs in her teenager's room, has the most mum response ever

Josh Barrie@JoshBythesea
Sunday 05 June 2016 13:10

It would be a nightmare for most parents, finding naughty pills in their teenage daughter's bedroom.

Ashley Banks' mum thought she'd found some sort of illegal substance in her 16-year-old's nightstand drawer while searching for a calculator.

On Saturday, Ashley, from Texas, US, tweeted screenshots of the text conversation that followed. As you've already guessed, it's gone viral on Twitter.

Ashley's mum found a clear bag of what look like colourful pills while rummaging for the mathematical instrument.

She didn't like what she had found and demanded her daughter return home to explain herself.

But rather than hurry home, Ashley instructed her parent to instead place the 'drugs' in water.

They turned out to be harmless retro toys known as 'magic grown dinosaurs'.

Here are the capsules in action. A must for any hardcore raver tbh.


indy100 has contacted Ashley for comment.

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