This woman's response to being dumped by a text message was pretty perfect

Friday 30 December 2016 13:45
Picture:(Alex McDaniel)

Dumping your fiancee just a few months after getting engaged is a bit of a dick move - but doing it by text message is far worse.

But fear not, Brenna Clanton is not a woman to get down in the dumps. She's a woman to get even and show the world how much of a dick you are.

An image of Clanton went viral after she was spotted holding a sign to her former partner at an NFL football game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Detroit Lions on Monday night.

She explained to Dallas News that she and her fiance were both huge Cowboys fans and that, as a Christmas present, she'd bought a pair of tickets to the game on Boxing Day.

Her fiance had never been to see the Cowboys in a home match before - she "splurged" on tickets and paid for an Airbnb.

So after he dumped her in the manner he did - explaining in his text message that the pair had "nothing in common" - Clanton decided she wouldn't take it lying down.

She took her best friend along to the game and held up a giant sign showing her ex-fiance the mistake he made.

A photo of her was shared by journalist Alex McDaniel with the caption: "Her fiance dumped her VIA TEXT before finding out she bought him Cowboys tickets for Christmas. She's doing fine."

Judging by that sign and that smile, she certainly looks like she is: