One of the reasons Jeremy Corbyn is doing so well? People think he's admirable

Louis Dor
Tuesday 18 August 2015 15:10

The story of the summer has been Jeremy Corbyn experiencing a dramatic rise in the polls to become the Labour leadership frontrunner.

He’s overtaken former favourite Andy Burnham, who has been accused this week by another candidate, Yvette Cooper, of being too similar to Corbyn, having followed a number of Corbyn’s policies and praised the Islington North MP in a keynote speech.


Corbyn’s recent rise has been frequently attributed to his image as a sincere politician driven by beliefs.

A recent YouGov poll has added credence to this assessment as 48 per cent of people see him as more worthy of their admiration than most politicians.

Twenty-seven per cent said they saw no difference, whereas 12 per cent saw him as less worthy.

In addition, 74 per cent thought modern politics was more about getting elected than fighting for a vision, and saw that as a bad thing.

This disenfranchisement could explain the swing to Corbyn and could be a frustration he could continue to tap into for best his chance of being elected.

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