People are struggling to work out who is who in this picture of a mum and her twin daughters

Nick Reilly@NickJWReilly
Friday 05 February 2016 11:30

It's often hard enough to differentiate between twins - but this photo adds an identical-looking mum into the mix too.

The photo above went viral after it was posted on Twitter by Kaylan Mahomes from Indianapolis - and very few people can decide which one of the three is Kaylan, her twin Kyla, and which one is their mum.

Several people didn't know which woman Kaylan is.

And a lot thought the picture is of triplets rather than twins.

Confusion reigned.

Kaylan seems to be taking the whole thing in good humour, though, and has been pointing out who's who when people ask.

Guessed which one of the three is the mum yet?

It's the lady on the left, although we were struggling to realise that without some pointers from Kaylan.

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