People were asked what they regret most in life and their answers were heartbreaking

Jessica Brown@Jessica_E_Brown
Saturday 10 December 2016 09:30

With the New Year looming, it’s an unofficial tradition to reflect on the years passed and ahead, and set ourselves New Year’s Resolutions.

Earlier this year, New Yorkers were invited to write their biggest regrets on an empty chalkboard, and the results went viral.

So if you need inspiration for your resolutions - and so their mistakes don’t go in vain – this is what New Yorkers had to say.

I regret all the time I wasted not saying yes to things

Never going after my dreams

I’e been told recently I was homeless, if I hadn’t hurt the people I had maybe I wouldn’t have been

I wanted to do so many things but I can never seem to find the time

I did all the things that were Plan B. I just never did it

Never speaking up

Not being a better friend


Then the video says:

As the board filled up with so many stories we noticed that almost all these regrets had something in common.

They were about chances not taken.

They were about words not spoken.

They were abut dreams never pursued .


People were then given an eraser to wipe the writing off the board. Then the video gives the advice:

Every day is a clean slate

Do the things you regret not doing 

Here's the video, which has been viewed almost five million times:

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