Prince William swore on TV and, if anything, people seem to like him more for it

Louis Dor
Tuesday 05 January 2016 17:00

Prince William uttered a minor swearword during a TV interview and Twitter couldn't handle it.

ITV duo Ant and Dec interviewed the Duke of Cambridge and his brother Harry, televised yesterday, to commemorate 40 years of the Prince's Trust.

During the interview, the princes described their father's handwriting, while talking about his commitment to his correspondence and charitable work.

Prince Harry described a poor scrawl as seen in letters to the pair at school:

At school we regularly swapped letters and said 'I think I know what it says can you read it to me?'. And it was just drivel!

William offered an explanation as to why, while offering his public a glimpse of his more casual language among friends:

Just in case it was a bollocking we didn’t know about.

It's a pretty mild curse, especially compared to that of his grandfather's last year, but nevertheless Twitter lost itself in wonderment:

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