Rihanna thinks she can wink. Rihanna can't wink.

Recently we reported on how Rihanna's friend Leana Goodridge trolls her by pretending to take a photo when she's actually on video.

It has now been drawn to our attention that Rihanna lacks the capacity to wink like a normal person. Apparently even goddesses have their off-days.

Twitter user @BrokeAgainBen began a mini thread on the subject, and it's definitely a thing: Rihanna can't wink and she looks amazingly ridiculous when she tries to do it.

Here she is giving it her best shot

Ooh she nearly had it that time

Let's take a look at her creative winking process

Curse that right eye

Yeah it's not happening

But goddammit, has anyone wondered if WE'VE been winking wrong this whole time?

Maybe Rihanna is the only one who can.

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