A Trump adviser wore this to an interview and the internet couldn't handle it

Wil Jones
Wednesday 22 March 2017 11:45

Donald Trump's advisor Roger Stone is currently facing FBI scrutiny, and has admitted having contact with suspected Russian hackers.

In the wake of these scandals, Stone recently went on Alex Jones’ InfoWars show to defend himself.

But it wasn’t what he said that got people talking – it was what he was wearing.

He appeared rocking a surreal combo of a Kangol hat, John Lennon sunglasses and a black leather jacket.

People were quick to point out things he looked like.

Including Samuel L Jackson.

Doug's sister.

The Joker's goons in the first Batman movie.

The bad guy in The Truman Show.

Or Iris Apfel.

Stone has form for this - this is what he wore to Trump's inauguration.

HT: Huffington Post

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