Woman shares powerful post about unattractive women and harrassment

Jessica Brown@Jessica_E_Brown
Sunday 15 October 2017 08:30
Picture:(Getty Images for The New Yorker / Thos Robinson)

Mayim Bialik, an actor in The Big Bang Theory, has written an article in response to the Harvey Weinstein saga that’s got a lot of people talking.

In the New York Times article, titled, “Being a Feminist in Harvey Weinstein’s World,” Bialik insinuates that sexual assault isn’t something average-looking women have to have to worry about.

She wrote:

Those of us in Hollywood who don’t represent an impossible standard of beauty have the “luxury” of being overlooked and, in many cases, ignored by men in power unless we can make them money.

And writer Roxane Gay had some beef with it. She took to Twitter to argue that the assumption that only conventionally attractive women get heckled and harassed by men is wrong.

She explains that "unattractive" and "fat" women also get harassed and assaulted, they just get more abuse for fighting back, and people don't belive them.

And, she explained, they're also expected to be grateful:

She concludes:

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