The 10 worst things about British people (according to British people)

Kiara Keane@kiarakeane
Friday 09 September 2016 18:20

British people have voted on their least favourite characteristics about each other, and the results are pretty harsh.

Almost half of the people surveyed agreed that our worst characteristic of all was the stereotypical image of us drinking too much.

As well as that, the Ipsos MORI research showed that we apparently complain too much, have bad manners and are lazy.

However, they did they did also agree that our best qualities included our good sense of humour and our politeness (of course).

The 10 worst things about British people, as voted for by British people, are:

1. Drinking too much - 42 per cent

2. Being ignorant of other cultures - 37 per cent

3. Complaining too much – 27 per cent

4. Being intolerant to other sections of society – 22 per cent

5. Being lazy – 19 per cent

6. Having bad eating habits – 18 per cent

7. Being too pessimistic – 17 per cent

8. Being rude – 14 per cent

9. Being too nationalistic – 11 per cent

10. Having bad teeth – 8 per cent

But despite the negativity, Ipsos MORI Senior Researcher Harry Evans said:

These figures show that there is still significant positivity attached with Britishness.

At least we can still rely on our good sense of humour.