The man with a bionic penis has just had another operation to make it smaller

Monday 06 June 2016 12:00
Screengrab via This Morning/ITV

44-year-old Mohammed Abad from Edinburgh was given a bionic penis by doctors at University College London in 2015.

He had previously been unable to have sex thanks to a horrific accident in childhood - but after several surgeries, which used a skin graft from his arm, went on to lose his virginity last year to award winning sex-worker Charlotte Rose.

But Abad's eight-inch penis, operated by two tubes which inflate when he presses a button on his testicle, has been causing him some grief - it's just a bit too big, and made sex painful.

Abad underwent another operation last week to reduce its size. Doctors also harvested sperm from his remaining testicle so he can become a father one day if he chooses.

He told The Sun:

I can’t wait to try it out. I’m looking forward to 'getting the poetry in motion'.

Abad was something of a celebrity with the other patients during his last hospital stay, he added.

I was on a male ward with three other guys and they were asking me loads of questions. I was quite happy to show them my bionic penis – they were like ‘wow’.

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