The people running our country are really not that healthy

Evan Bartlett@ev_bartlett
Tuesday 07 October 2014 09:00

Nearly 90 per cent of MPs exceed the government's recommended calorie intake each week while nearly half fail to take regular exercise, according to a Nuffield Health survey. The poll of 100 MPs found that 86 per cent admitted exceeding calorie guidelines.

The survey also found that Conservative MPs were the least active when compared to their colleagues. Labour turned out to be the most active.

*All figures expressed as percentages

Liberal Democrats were the least stressed MPs while the Conservatives were most stressed.

Almost nine in ten MPs (86 per cent) of those questioned admit that they exceed NHS daily calorie guidelines at least once a week with 10 per cent admitting they do every day...

Asked if they exceed the NHS' recommended weekly intake of alcohol (21 units for women, 28 for men) 21 per cent of female MPs admitted they did, as did 19 per cent of male MPs.

Just imagine what the figures will look like if the beer-swilling, cigarette-smoking, bacon sandwich-eating Nigel Farage swoons into Westminster with his band of merry men next year...

(Or not.)

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