The weird responses to 'single life in three words' explain why people are single

Ellen Stewart
Sunday 14 February 2016 14:00

ICYMI it is Valentine's Day. Some people are in relationships. Some people aren't in relationships.

Either way, it doesn't really matter because the Hallmark holiday is probably killing the rainforest.

However, it is difficult not to contemplate your place if you're alone in the universe on 14th February. And thanks to Twitter and the hashtag 'single life in 3 words' we now know the very best things about being single.

Sorry wait: that should be, we now know the reason you are single. You are preoccupied with the EU, Justin Bieber and small teapots.

Netflix and Brexit

Don't lose faith

Get a hobby

Just not this hobby

Huge if true


Wait, Justin Bieber's middle name is Drew?

Don't we all

The end

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