A Tory LGBT+ group thanked Theresa May for being an ally and people don't think she deserves the praise

Greg Evans
Friday 24 May 2019 15:30

Theresa May's resignation as prime minister on Friday morning has prompted a flurry of thoughts and reactions to her time as PM.

Many of her colleagues in the Tory party tried to compliment her while others on social media weren't as forgiving, even when she emotionally broke down at the end of her speech.

Maybe the most eyebrow-raising take came from the official LGBT+ Conservative group who thanked May for becoming an ally to LGBT people in Britain.

We can't begrudge them supporting their former leader but this is quite a reach as May has a history of voting against LGBT+ rights, dating back to 1998 when she voted against reducing the age of consent for homosexual acts.

Although her stance on LGBT issues did appear to soften over the years she did go on to form a coalition with Northern Ireland's DUP, a party that is notorious for its homophobic policies.

The tweet soon went viral for all of the wrong reasons with many people pointing out that May probably isn't the best person to brand as an LGBT+ ally.

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