These are the accents we find the most and least attractive

Bethan McKernan@mck_beth
Sunday 16 August 2015 17:00

British actor Henry Cavill revealed this week that he struggled to perfect his American accent for The Man from Uncle, and data from YouGov suggests he should stick to his natural RP in future.

Sounding like a BBC presenter was found to be the most attractive British voice to have - second only to the (non-UK) Southern Irish accent.

On the other end of the scale comes in poor old Birmingham at -53 points, which scored 20 points below the second lowest-rated accent, which was Scouse (-33).

Most attractive British Isles accents:

1. Irish (42)

2. Received Pronunciation (31)

3. Welsh (20)

4. Yorkshire (15)

5. West Country (13)

Least attractive British Isles accents:

5. Glaswegian (-29)

4. Cockney (London) (-30)

3. Mancunian (-31)

2. Liverpudlian (-33)

1. Brummie (-53)

Infographic: YouGov

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