This actress has listed all the bad things casting directors have said about her body

Rebecca Reid@RebeccaCNReid
Saturday 09 January 2016 11:30

We all know that the acting industry is a superficial one where actresses are often valued on their looks rather than their talent.

But people have still been shocked by a blog post where an actress has detailed some of the worst things casting directors have said about her over the last ten years in the acting industry.

The candid post, written by actress Harmony France, who has worked in the industry for ten years, went viral by shocking readers with the comments that casting directors thought it appropriate to make about another person's body:

A screengrab from France's blog post (Picture:
  • "You really need to lose some weight if you want a career.”

  • “You won’t work until you’re forty, because you’re never going to play the love interest, but after that you’ll work a lot.”

  • “You would need to lose twenty pounds for the role.”

  • “You’re not believable as a love interest.”

  • “You should really wear more makeup, and show your cleavage more.”

  • “We can work with your body type, but if you are serious about this career you need to have your nose and teeth fixed.”

  • “You don’t have a commercial body type.”

  • “They told us you were smaller.”

  • “I mean, you’re good-looking, but you’re not beautiful.

Harmony is quick to emphasise that this isn't a comprehensive list of things she's been told over the last ten years, just a few of the highlights.

Actress Rose McGowan drew attention to the ongoing sexism in the acting industry when she was published a casting call she had received that included the charming description "push-up bras encouraged".

Harmony goes on to explain that she doesn't think the comments are malicious:

Not all of the above things were said with malice. Most of those individuals thought they were helping or didn’t even realize they had said something inappropriate.

Harmony's post clearly struck a nerve, with comments adding to Harmony's experience like this one from actress Karan Multer:

Thanks for your brave words. I'll never forget my own experience with a producer early in my career who REQUIRED me contractually to lose 11 lbs. (yes, 11 for some reason) so there would be "more of a difference when I take off the fat suit. 20 years ago and I'm still galled by my own acquiescence in the face of blatant sexism.

Harmony writes that she's done with being made to feel bad about her body, summarizing her post by writing:

And as for me? I’m taking my body back from this industry. It hasn’t been mine for 10 years. I will no longer lose weight for you. I will no longer try to mold myself into what I think you want me to look like. I will no longer starve myself for a quick weight loss to please you. I will no longer change myself in any way for YOU. When I take all the pressure to change myself away and I take all the negative feedback away, I realize that I actually like myself.

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