This little girl's letter impersonating her dad is absolutely foolproof

Bethan McKernan@mck_beth
Monday 16 May 2016 11:00

As has been well documented on the hallowed pages of indy100, there are certain kinds of genius you just can't teach at school.

Among them is this masterpiece of creativity from a little girl called Lily, who wrote a note to her mother reading:

Dear Wife what Did you get Lily for a surprise again. I forgot. Please Reply here _

Love: Don.

Seems legit (it's the line for him to write a response that really makes it).

And fair play to Lily: we have no idea what Don's handwriting looks like. This could be a perfect forgery for all we know.

The note was uploaded to reddit, where people are having fun imagining mum's reply:

Dear : Don. I cannot believe you forgot. You never remember the important things. I want a divorce.

Hey dear husband it's me your wife, I got her an algebra text book like we said, I hope she likes it.

We predict great things in Lily's future. If she doesn't become a successful con artist, sticking with that handwriting she could definitely make it as a doctor.

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