This woman didn't get mad after 'being cheated on'. She got even - with some hilarious Instagram edits

Aimee Meade
Wednesday 31 August 2016 11:20

In the past, when you broke up with someone, all you had to do was delete their number and awkwardly return their belongings.

Nowadays, as every aspect of life is documented online, it isn't that easy - especially when the split is anything but amicable.

Instead of deleting her entire Instagram history, one woman came up with another way to make it abundantly clear that her relationship was over and to show her ex how much she hated him.

After discovering her boyfriend was allegedly cheating on her, she re-captioned the images to be slightly more honest.

In a picture where she is pinning a flower to his suit, she wrote "should've stabbed him in the heart while I had the chance," and under a photo of them at a baseball stadium, "he played me better than he plays baseball". Ouch.

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