These two toddlers running to hug each other is the most heartwarming thing you'll see today

Emma Snaith
Tuesday 10 September 2019 12:30
Pic:(Facebook/ Michael D Cisneros)

A video of two toddlers running down the street to hug each other has warmed hearts across the internet.

Maxwell and Finnegan are said to be" inseparable" and "partners in crime", according to Maxwell's father who posted the video on Facebook.

Michael D Cisneros shared the sweet encounter between the two-year-olds near their homes in New York City.

Alongside the video he wrote:

This is just so beautiful. Finnegan + Maxwell= BESTIES!!! If we could all be like this.

Cisneros told the Huffington Post that the two friends are always "super excited to see each other, even if they’ve only been apart for a day or two”.

He added that the pair share “food, clothes, toys, everything.”

With over 1,600 shares on Facebook, it's clear the world has fallen in love with this adorable duo.

Even Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shared the cute moment.

Others just couldn't get over how adorable the entire thing was.

Others made sage points about racism.

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