Woman makes hilarious 'Why I'm Single' brochure to hand out at her cousin's wedding and it's perfect

Lowenna Waters
Saturday 22 June 2019 08:00
Picture:(Getty Images)

When you're a woman of a certain age, you're bombarded with pressures and questions, with people asking you when you're going to settle down and get married.

So, when this woman created a 'brochure' to hand out to her unsuspecting relatives at her cousin's wedding, in order to explain why she was single, it goes without saying that it was brilliant.

In a tweet, she wrote:

i jokingly told my coworkers i would make a brochure to hand out to relatives/family friends at my cousin’s wedding but i was too committed to the bit to quit:

People loved the concept and flooded it with positive feedback.

If this isn't the perfect response to the awkward 'wedding' question, we don't know what is.

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