What is it with Hollywood and Vladimir Putin?

Steven Seagal and Vladimir Putin watch martial arts together in 2012

This weekend Steven Seagal played a concert with his blues band (of course) in Crimea, annexed this year by Russia.

The 62-year-old appeared on stage in Sevastapol alongside a flag claimed by pro-Russian separatists in the Donetsk People's Republic.

Seagal has in the past described Russian president Vladimir Putin as "a friend and I'd like to consider him a brother", and not ruled out seeking Russian citizenship.

Meanwhile, today, fellow actor Mickey Rourke was pictured buying and then wearing a T-shirt with Putin's face on it in Moscow.

We're not sure why either.

What does Putin make of it all? He's simply too big a man in world politics to get involved.

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(Pictures: AFP/Getty)