Woman loses over 5 stone after making simple change

Wil Jones
Wednesday 11 January 2017 15:00
Picture:(Katrina Buening / Facebook)

This is Katrina Buening from Missouri. Since she was a teen, she’d struggled with her weight.

Eventually he reached 238lbs (17 st), despite trying all sorts of diets.

But Katrina managed to shed an incredible 77lbs (5st 7lbs) in just 16 months. And it wasn’t down to some fad diet.

It turns out it was food allergies causing her weight gain.

Once Katrina figured this out, she made the relevant changes to her diet and now weighs 161lbs (11st 7lbs).

Katrina explained:

I have a lot of health issues that are directly related to food allergies. I was eating things that I didn't realise were hurting my body and this kept me in a constant state of inflammation and when we are inflamed it causes us to gain weight. I did that for a few years and that lead to a 100lbs weight gain.

Before that I was always on a diet, even from a young age I was overweight and started my first diet at 13. I believe I always struggled with my weight because of my food allergies but I didn't start putting the pieces together until about two years ago and - once I figured it out - I saw massive results.

Katrina has detailed her transformation on her blog and Instagram, hoping to inspire others.

HT: Mail Online

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