Woman has the perfect response to male friend who still feels 'entitled' to his ex-girlfriend

Louis Staples
Sunday 17 March 2019 10:00

Being a straight woman in a relationship can be tough.

Women are constantly told they have to live up to sky high expectations or often even shamed for just living their lives, when sadly even in 2019, men often get away with being far less perfect.

Infuriatingly, women are often expected to “fix” men’s problems. Of course no one can actually "fix" another person - and putting that on someone else isn’t fair - but annoyingly a lot of men are subtly taught from a young age that women can fix anything.

Sometimes, even if it’s brutal, men need their friends to step in and tell them when they’re being out of line.

This is exactly what happened when Twitter user Rev Rell discovered her male friend's emotional entitlement towards an ex.

Luckily for him (and the female race) she decided to teach him an important lesson.

Now, two years later, his ex has found love, but he still feels entitled to her.

Rev Rell pointed out how selfish it was for him to have the audacity to feel hurt when, quite rightly, his ex didn't put her life on hold while he sorted his issues.

She also called out his friends for encouraging him to try to "get his ex back" when she's happily moved on with someone else.

She ended by saying that everyone should stop enabling the men they love and call out this type of behaviour when they see it.

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