12 Google Chrome extensions you should start using immediately

Louis Dor
Thursday 10 March 2016 17:30
Science and Tech

Chrome's a great browser.

But we've got a few suggestions to make it even better, in extension form.

Let us know if you think we've missed any key players in the comments below:

1. Google Dictionary

Rather than having to copy and past the word and search for the definition in a new window, simply double click on it.

Definitions. Simple.

2. Camelizer

Want to know how much the price of a product has changed on Amazon, or get a notification when it drops? Meet Camelizer, your new online shopping best friend.

3. Netflix Party

3... 2... 1... Go. Wait, on 'go', not 'one'. 3.. 2... Oh you do it! At the logo!

Does this sound familiar?

If you regularly watch films together when not together, this one is a godsend. It creates a party chat with simultaneous video playback. No more spoiling the twist over Skype.

4. Enhanced Steam

Shout out to the PC gamers.

This plugin makes your steam purchasing a little smarter, working out the best bundle discounts and options for you, based on your library. Colour coding makes things easier right?

One downside is that it provides a frightening figure of your total spend on Steam. Including in-game. All-time.

It's harrowing.

5. Web Timer

It helps you cut down your time on the internet by telling you how much time you spend on the internet.

6. Reddit Enhancement Suite

Keyboard shortcuts, buttons to view images inline, switch between multiple accounts easily, keep track of users you frequently interact with.

Reddit just got a lot more functional and enjoyable.

Oh, and no more click for 'next page'. Unlimited scrolling. Yep.

7. Greenhouse

This is one for the US readers.

When a politician is named in the text you are reading, hovering over their name lets you see where their funding comes from.

It makes what they are saying a lot more understandable.

8. Wikiwand

Wikipedia is amazing, but it's not the prettiest website in the world.

This extension changes that, and makes it easier to navigate between article subsections, provides link previews, alongside a variety of other great features.

It typically runs quicker too. Dreams.

9. Stay focused

Got a deadline and want to stay on task? This timer will kill the pages you browse as distractions, for when you need to get back to work.

10. Hey Girl

Changes every image in your browser to Ryan Gosling. For emergencies.

11. Drumpfinator

As featured on John Oliver's Last Week Tonight, this extension will 'Make Donald Drumpf Again'.

As you guessed, all mentions of 'Donald Trump' will be amended to 'Donald Drumpf'.

What a world.

Also ranking highly in Trump extensions are the one which puts a quote between his two names and the one which replaces his name with 'Someone with Tiny Hands', as (accidentally) featured on Wired recently.

12. Chromoji

Up your emoji game. Included because our social media editor would hurt me if it wasn't.

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