A woman monitored her heart rate during sex and posted the results online

In the last day a Reddit user called Noveltysin posted a chart on the data is beautiful sub-Reddit, showing her heart rate during sex.

At time of writing, the chart, which was obtained by using a Fitbit she was wearing, has been viewed almost 1.75million times on Imgur and received more than 1,700 comments.

Because the internet is what it is (and that's not us making excuses), she was accused of being a "slut" and faking her orgasms, while dozens of people made the same 'only eight minutes?' joke, ignoring the 20 minutes of foreplay not on the graph.

As Noveltysin herself wrote:

Man, now I gotta defend my orgasm to a bunch of strange dudes. Wait, no I don't.

In messages exchanged on Reddit, she told us she found the response to her chart "eye-opening" because "so many guys don't have a clue about how women experience sex".

If it wasn't in the ideals set by porn or what's talked about in locker rooms, it's fake, invalid and wrong. I think young guys growing up are just as scared of sex as young girls are, but instead of reacting with shame or guilt like a girl might, they respond with aggressive remarks and defensiveness.

That said, she still found the attention her post received surprising.

I was sure people had done and shared this thing before given the popularity of Fitbits. But the fact that it wasn't a brag or a marathon session or posted by a guy - just some normal Sunday afternoon stuff, that ladies everywhere are having, with partners who know them enough to get the job done without a ton of time and mess - I guess this was shocking and infuriating somehow. Normal sex is shocking.

She told i100.co.uk while she did not regret posting the chart, she would not be doing it again.

I'm happy with the discussion it started. I wouldn't want to have sex planning to post it online to millions, that would take me out of the act. So I don't think I'll be doing it again.

Note: As pointed out by Gizmodo, the Fitbit graph actually replicates the chart that was produced by the 1956 Physiological Responses During Coitus study.

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