A journalist had a very lucky escape and the X-rays are incredible

Thursday 15 June 2017 13:45
Science and Tech
Picture:(Adam Harvey/Twitter)

An Australian journalist covering fighting in the Philippines, where militants reporetedly declared an allegiance to the terror group Isis earlier this year, has been hit in the neck by a stray bullet.

While documenting fighting between militants and the security forces, ABC's Adam Harvey was hit by a bullet he described "felt like a cricket ball," after he bent down to get food and water out of a car.

Hundreds of residents remain trapped in the fighting, after militants who have declared allegiance to Isis, took parts of Marawi on the island of Mindanao, last month.

He was wearing a flak jacket and a helmet in what was considered a safe zone.

I felt an almighty stabbing at the side of my neck and I went down on the ground and I thought I'd been hit by a bit of shrapnel.

Picture: REUTERS/Linus Escuador(REUTERS/Linus Escuador)

He was taken to a medical centre and then for observation at another hospital, where they did X rays and discovered the cause was a bullet.

Luckily it missed everything important and it was just lodged behind my jaw.

Harvey was told to wear a neck brace as a precaution and later tweeted about the injury to tell everyone he is ok:

A close shave indeed.

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