Instagram star's photos show the difference between social media and real life

Alex Barrett
Wednesday 30 August 2017 14:00
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Picture:(Chessie King/Instagram)

Instagram is a place for many people to look perfect, 24 hours a day.

It's a litany of posts of people with perfect bodies either showing them off, or showing off their extraordinary lives.

Chessie King is one of those lucky bloggers.

As a fitness blogger, presenter and trainer, Chessie has a body that most people dream of. Its her job.

In recent posts she's attempted to show that she's relatable and not flawless, by posting side-by-side photos on the platform; contrasting flattering and unflattering poses.

She wrote in a post:

Left photo: Favourited out of the 8 taken & posted. Right photo: Immediately deleted & forgotten about. Both photos unedited & seconds between them. 

I do so many of these but this one is my scariest & most exposing so far. I was going through my recently deleted folder ready to 'delete all' but saw the right photo & recovered it.

I felt this sense of guilt that I'd deleted it & posted the left one.

A year ago I would've been left feeling so unhappy by how I look on the right & deleted it forever like it never happened but it was a huge reminder for me today that Instagram can be such a 'perfection trap'.

She's the latest in a series of bloggers hoping to present a more relatable side to their following with these uplifting posts.

While they spread a positive message that we shouldn't criticise our bodies, it's undeniable that Chessie can pose in a manner which fits into stereotypical standards of beauty, given her lean and toned body type, which many people simply do not possess.

Instagram's ad revenue for 2017 is expected to be around $4 billion, thanks to an increased user base.

Instagram has identified around 1 million businesses that advertise on the platform, and many social media stars and fitness blogges operate as businesses, as a person-based brand.

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