11 Spotify hacks you probably had no idea about

Mimi Launder
Thursday 05 April 2018 15:00
Science and Tech
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With all the hours most of us dedicate to Spotify, you'd think we'd all be experts.

Far from it. There are plenty of hidden features that will make your time spent jamming to music - and adverts, depending on how much you pay - even better.

1. Save your Discover Weekly playlists in once place.

Spotify are creepily good at compiling playlists that perfectly suit your music tastes - and then making them disappear just as spotlessly every Monday. Great.

Thankfully, there's applet that will save your Discover Weekly playlist for you.

2. Link to Shazam to save every song you've looked up.

Two beloved apps uniting as one is surely one of the most beautiful moments a human can witness.

When you Shazam a song - for the uninitiated, Shazam is an app that can identify the music playing around you - you can automatically have it saved to its own Spotify playlist.

Simply open your Shazam app, tap the My Shazap icon and connect your Spotify account.

3. Restore deleted playlists.

The best of us sometimes unthinkingly delete something that we really need later.

To fix this on a desktop, click 'account', 'recover playlists' and then select 'restore'.

4. Enable a private session.

Even the best of us have guilty pleasures. If you're sick of your friends teasing you for listening to Rebecca Black's 'Friday' every Friday, you can learn how to enable a private session for each device here.

5. Link your Spotify to your Tinder profile.

Music is the window to the soul, said someone, probably.

If you head to the Info section to the Tinder app, you can select an 'Anthem' and reveal (or invent, for those with too many guilty pleasures) your favourite artists.

6. Make collaborative playlists.

Bored of bickering with your mates over who gets to pick the next song? You can concoct a collaborative playlist with your pals by right-clicking on the playlist you want to build, selecting 'Collaborative Playlist' and sharing it with whoever you want

7. Live your best student life.

If you're a student, you are entitled to a 50 per cent discount on Spotify Premium - and Hulu - so do it while you can.

8. Mind the gap!

Spotify lets you stretch out your precious listening time to the max by getting ride of the silence between tracks.

Find out how to turn on Crossfade on each device here

9. Get your karaoke on.

On some tracks, you can just click 'lyrics' at the bottom of the app. Also a helpful hack if you just want to better appreciate the beauty of Kanye's lyrics.

10. Get a recommendation from SpotifyCares.

Any concerns? Tweet the good people @SpotifyCares and they'll often respond with a song.


11. Be the drama queen you deserve to be.

Spotify plug-in 'Where's the Drama?' points you to the most dramatic part of a playlist for whenever you need a bit of epic in your life. Which should be always.

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