Apple's newest iPhone design has inspired a lot of jokes

Greg Evans
Wednesday 11 September 2019 07:00
Science and Tech

On Tuesday, Apple unveiled its latest iPhone at their keynote event. The aptly titled iPhone 11 marks a bold new look for the already iconic design.

Not only will the device reportedly have a longer battery life, consume less power but multiple cameras, which will give users a 2x optical zoom-out and an 'ultrawide' rear camera.

However, this new design is a little peculiar as the camera now appears to have three lenses as opposed to one (as well as the flash and microphone) which have given some folks the bizarre sensation of trypophobia.

Elsewhere the new look has inspired plenty of memes, with some even comparing it to a cooking stove and the internet cannot get enough of it.

Jokes aside the new phone will be available to preorder from September 20, with the dual-camera system starting at the retail price of $699 (£565).

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