Nasa's beautiful Mars travel posters will make you want to leave Planet Earth immediately

Lamees Altalebi
Wednesday 15 June 2016 13:00
Science and Tech

Nasa has released a new set of retro-looking posters which will probably make you want to leave everything behind and journey into space.

The US space agency has published recruitment posters for different jobs with the Nasa team on Mars.

The images, titled "Mars Explorers Wanted", were originally commissioned for an exhibit at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor's Complex in 2009 but have been released online this week.

No human has stepped foot on the Red Planet yet but Nasa is clearly looking to inspire explorers of the future.

You could be the next Time Peake, who knows?

Here are some of the "jobs" are on offer:

1. Explore Mars and its moons

If you're into exploration, then this job could be perfect for you. Hike Valles Marineris, the solar system’s largest canyon, and see Mars’ two moons.

2. Nightshifts on one of Mars’ moons

If you are more of a night kind of person than a morning one, then apply to work on a night shift on Phobos, one of Mars’s moons. This job gives you the opportunity to enjoy the view of the night sky alongside mining for resources.

3. Farmers on Mars

Willing to get your hands dirty? Love gardening and growing vegetables? This could be your chance to grow tomatoes, lettuce, just like you do in your back garden. You'll just need to work out a way to do it without oxygen...

Do you have what it takes to go to Mars?

Nasa needs you...

You can download the posters from Nasa’s website here

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