People are naming their babies after Instagram filters

Tuesday 01 December 2015 18:00
Science and Tech

According to the Baby Center website (which is US-based if the name didn't give it away), parents are naming their children after Instagram filters.

We'll just let that sink in.

Baby Center says the Instagram-inspired Lux is up 75 per cent in its list of most popular names for boys, while Ludwig is up 42 per cent, Amaro 26 per cent, Reyes up ten per cent, Hudson up four per cent and Kelvin up three per cent.

For baby girls, Juno was up 30 per cent, Valencia was up 26 per cent, and Willow 13 per cent.

Apparently, some people believe the same filters that add sparkle to their otherwise boring photos could have a similar effect on their offspring.

Instagram has become so normalised that people are adding filters to their children.

Shut it down.

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